Classic Whiskey Sour Cocktail Recipe

A classic Whiskey Sour recipe is one that everyone should have in their repetoire. Sweet, tangy, and refreshing… it’s been a favorite cocktail for decades  — and with good reason. It’s absolutely delicious. The first mention of the Whiskey Sour is in Wisconsin in 1862. It was published in Jerry Thomas’ How to Mix Drinks, …

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Chocolate Eclairs with Espresso Cream Filling

Chocolate Eclairs are intimidating for most of us – I know they were for me. This recipe makes it easy and the addition of rich, shiny ganache, and silky espresso pastry cream is brilliant if I do say so myself. This is a recipe I made in August of 2008 when I was involved with …

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Raisin Date Granola Recipe

This raisin date granola recipe makes a filling, reasonably healthy breakfast that is sweet and delicious. It stays crisp in the bowl long enough for you to eat it — which is a very big deal for me. I hate soggy cereal. Maple syrup gives it sweetness while a variety of pecans and seeds give …

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Easy 30 Minute Pecan Sticky Buns

These easy, 30 minute pecan sticky buns make any breakfast special. Made with a flaky biscuit dough that’s covered with a sticky caramel and loads of pecans, you’ll be able to put these on the table in a half hour or less. The grandkids spent the weekend here a couple of weeks ago and it …

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Boozy Chocolate Covered Cherries Recipe

This chocolate covered cherries recipe is my favorite for a  lot of reasons. For one, it travels well. I sent batches to all three of my military sons and even the box that took 11 days getting to Japan arrived safely and the candies were still good. When that happens I know I’ve got a …

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