Texas Sheet Cake Is a Classic

Texas Sheet Cake is a dense, thin cake that is almost like a brownie but… not quite. It is so chocolaty and sweet it’ll make your teeth hurt but your tummy happy. Pecans fill the shiny chocolate icing making it almost a candy bar!   Texas Sheet Cake. Is it a cake? A brownie? And …

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Chicken Fried Steak or Chicken Fried Chicken

A good Chicken Fried Steak has a crispy breading on the outside with tender beef on the inside then it’s smothered with a rich cream gravy. Sometimes called “country fried”, it’s a carb heavy meal that is best served with biscuits, mashed potatoes, corn, and green beans… you know. For color. To those of you …

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Roasted Beet Risotto Is a Unique Side Dish

Roasted beet risotto is a beautiful, crimson side dish that is rich, creamy, and full of glorious vitamins. Its vibrant color makes it especially pretty for the holidays. Roasting the beets brings out a lovely sweetness that enhances the earthy flavor of the beets. Beets will be plentiful for the next couple of months and …

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Simple, Homemade Vanilla Pudding Recipe

This old fashioned, made from scratch, homemade vanilla pudding recipe is serious comfort food. It’s easy to make for use as a pudding or vanilla pudding pie filling. Yep. I this is one I’ve moved over from Texas Well Seasoned. My dad used to say that eating anything vanilla was like kissing your sister – boring. Well, I …

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Chicken Enchiladas in Homemade Cream Sauce – Quick and Easy

Spicy, tangy, homemade chicken enchiladas topped with a “from scratch” cream sauce and sprinkled with cheese. An easy, delicious dinner that you can make ahead. Chicken or turkey enchiladas are delicious – and if you have only eaten them at a Tex-Mex chain restaurant you haven’t really eaten them at all. When made right the …

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