No-bake strawberry shortcake is quick and easy.

Easy No-Bake Strawberry Shortcake

This no-bake strawberry shortcake takes just 10 minutes to put together. You keep it in the refrigerator over night and the textures and flavors soften and blend. That first bite is creamy, tangy, rich, sweet, and absolutely addictive. So easy your 10 year old could make it without help.

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No bake Rolo Cookies are super easy to make .

Easy, No-Bake Rolo Cookies

These easy, no-bake Rolo cookies are full of chocolate and caramel, then dipped in more chocolate with a generous sprinkle of pecans on top. Best of all they come together super-fast because you start with Ritz crackers.

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Deep fried oreos are easy to make and really kind of addictive.

Deep Fried Oreos Just Like the State Fair

Deep fried Oreos are warm, chocolaty, oozy packages of goodness  just like you get at the Texas State Fair. They are much easier than you think. The batter gets crispy, the chocolate cookie gets soft, and the creamy filling oozes out in every bite. You’ll either love them or hate them.

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Quaker famous oatmeal cookies have been made in my family since the recipe first appeared in 1955!

Quaker Famous Oatmeal Cookies

The Quaker Famous Oatmeal Cookies Recipe is a classic and needs no improvement. It always comes out right for me — crispy on the edges and chewy in the middle. This is a repost of an article I did years ago – bringing it back because who doesn’t like oatmeal cookies?

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