Hot Cross Buns for People Who Don’t Like Dried Fruit

Hot cross buns are traditional Easter Rolls that are marked with a cross, usually made from frosting. The bun, filled with dried fruit, was originally baked in honor of Eastre, Godess of Spring.During the Middle Ages all breads were marked with a cross — bakers felt that the holy marking would keep the devil from causing …

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Garlic Bread, Roasted and Mellow

How are you enjoying the A to Z Blog challenge? I have been pretty amazed I’ve kept up as well as I have! Today is brought to you by the letter G. G is for Garlic bread — but not just any garlic bread. This is a crunchy, dense baguette flavored with luxurious amount of roasted …

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Fougasse Is Not French for Focaccia

People often believe that focaccia and fougasse are the same thing but one bite of this smoky cheese and bacon fougasse will convince you that these breads are unique in every way.. Both are delicious but, like chocolate mousse and chocolate pudding, there are subtle differences that give each its own character. Fougasse is from the …

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Easter Egg Bread – Pretty Holiday Brunch

Easter Egg Bread is a sweet, yeast dough braid with colored eggs decorating it. It is easier than you’d think and these eggs, which I dyed with Koolaid, are adorable enough to be decor all by themselves. Although I am a Texas girl through and through I lived in Pennsylvania from the time I was …

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D Is for Donuts – Light, Fluffy, Dipped in Chocolate

Donuts are a weekend treat for most of us but if you’ve always had commercial donuts and haven’t enjoyed the homemade kind you are missing out on one of the best things known to man. When I think of guilty pleasures on of the top things on the list is always donuts dipped in hot …

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