bourbon apple pandowdy is baked in an iron skillet -

Bourbon Apple Pandowdy

Bourbon Apple Pandowdy is something like a pie, something like a cobbler, and totally unlike anything you’ve ever eaten. A thick layer of tender apples is simmered in a bourbon and cinnamon spiked sugar syrup with a little chipotle to kick up the heat. Then strips of buttery pastry are dropped on top and the whole thing is baked. Partway through you push the pastry down into the apples so that it soaks up all of that sweet and spicy sauce. Served warm with vanilla ice cream it is unbeatable.

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These creamy pecan pralines are easy to make and so good!

Creamy Pecan Pralines Are Easier than You Think

These creamy pecan pralinesĀ aren’t hard to make at all. They are rich, sweet, and they just melt away in your mouth leaving a lingering flavor that entices you to take just one more bite. Addictive? Nah… not these — at least not until you take your first bite! The secret? Toasted pecans.

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bourbon peanut brittle is delicate with just a hint of bourbon flavor. So easy to make, too!

Homemade Bourbon Peanut Brittle in 20 Minutes

This sweet and salty homemade bourbon peanut brittle recipe is easy to make and it goes from measuring cup to mouth in about 20 minutes! A few simple ingredients, a heavy pan, and a candy thermometer and you’ll be eating this foolproof candy in no time.

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strawberry cream cheese pound cake is tangy with fresh berry flavor -

Tangy Strawberry Cream Cheese Pound Cake

This tangy, moist strawberry cream cheese pound cake recipe is dense and delicious with a velvety texture. It is firm enough to use in stacked cakes like wedding cakes but easy enough to make anytime. A secret ingredient gives it its unique flavor and vibrant color.

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