chewy chocolate protein bars are sweetened with dried fruit, honey and erythritol.

Ethan’s Chewy Chocolate Protein Bars

These chewy chocolate protein bars are easy to make, they keep well in storage, and they were in great condition when my son got them a MONTH after I mailed them — he is in the Navy on board a ship.

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cherry lemonade bars feature image

Cherry Lemonade Bars

Cherry Lemonade Bars are an easy, casual dessert or snack — perfect for those long, lazy days of summer that are ahead of us. One layer of lemon, one layer of maraschino cherry, and a layer of lemonade buttercream creates a pretty bar that is equally welcome at poolside or tea.

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Swirled tomato bread is tangy, smoky, and unique bread for sandwiches and snacks. from

Swirled Sun Dried Tomato Bread

This swirled, sun dried tomato bread recipe is a beautiful loaf that I’ve updated from one of my old favorites. Buttery white bread is swirled with a tangy, tomato-y dough and produces beautiful slices for sandwiches….

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