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A week or so ago I woke up to an email that I was very excited about. Bakespace, a website I am a fan of and use often, wanted to partner with me on Restless Chipotle. What could I say – besides Oh HECK yeah

If you are not familiar with Bakespace I would love to be the one to introduce you to it. The site has been around as long as I I have, and that’s saying a lot. We both started our sites in 2006. I have browsed the pages for inspiration more than once. It is more than a recipe site – it is a community of people who love to bake and love to share their techniques, recipes, and expertise with others. Novice bakers can get a mentor to help them learn new techniques, experienced bakers can share their knowledge, and there are forums where you can chat and meet new friends. Think of it as Facebook for foodies… sort of.

Always wanted to write a cookbook? There is a spot on the site where you can create your very own e-book and sell it, too!

I am very protective of this blog and you, my readers and friends. The sponsors that I work with have to offer something I think you would really be interested in as well as benefit you in some way. Bakespace is one of those websites that you will go to again and again.

So, you’ll be seeing the Bakespace feed over on the sidebar. Once you have found the recipe on Restless Chipotle you’re looking for check out what Bakespace has to offer. And hey – consider following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

I’ll be sharing links to the recipes that catch my eye on Twitter and Facebook once in awhile, so be lookin’ for them. And, oh… that image up top? Yeah, just one of mine so the page wouldn’t look boring. :)


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