Chicken Casserole

King Ranch

Why you'll LOVE this recipe

10 minute prep time

make ahead or freeze

cheesy, creamy comfort food


If you grew up in Texas you probably ate King Ranch Chicken...


It's creamy, cheesy comfort food that was served by everyone's mom, at every potluck and church supper, and even pretty much weekly in the school cafeteria... and we still loved it!

When you found out it was King Ranch Casserole for dinner....

Cheese Rotel Cream of chicken soup Cream of mushroom soup Cooked chicken Bell pepper Onion Butter Corn tortillas


Be sure to start with cooked chicken!!!!

Saute peppers and onions in butter until soft.

Mix cooked chicken, veggies, & soups.

Layer in casserole dish


Dinnertime, Y'all!!

It's about to be a family favorite at your house, too!!!

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