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Salted Bourbon Butterscotch Bars

I love butterscotch. I have been addicted to it since the first moment that my Grandfather placed a sticky butter-rum lifesaver in my chubby little fingers. It is a warm, cozy flavor that practically makes me purr. I had a craving for a little butterscotch love the other day…and I wanted something creamy..but not pudding…crunchy…but …

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Thin Mint Brownies


If you love the Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies (and really, who doesn’t?) you will be happy to know that these brownies, although not thin, will appease that craving all of the months of the year when GS cookies are unavailable. The brownies are thick and meltingly rich with intense chocolate flavor and random chunks …

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Salted Toffee Pecan Blondies

January screams for easy bar cookies like blondies and brownies, don’t you think? I mean, most of us are so done with the dainty and fancy, the time consuming and caloric, the stressful and temperamental creations we challenged ourselves with in December. No, for January? You want something easy that you can throw together, bake, …

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Autumn Spicy Chocolate Brownies Recipe – Perfect with Chai

For some reason autumn always makes me want to read Wind and the Willows. I love the descriptions of the foods, the antics of the characters, most of all I love Badger’s house. I love the idea of blustery days and wind whipping the last of the crimson leaves from the massive trees. I love …

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Snickers Blondies

I figure that the woman who invented blondies was a mom of many kids.  There she was, last few days of the month, children clamoring for something sweet and no chocolate to be had. What could she do? This brave woman had a choice. She could throw her really cute red and white polka dot …

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Maple Shortbread Cookies


These cookies are a fantastic addition to tea, or coffee in the afternoon.  In fact, they are great for an after school snack. They are light, buttery, crumbly and everything I think shortbread should be.  I like them better than Lorna Doones and trust me, that is BIG.   They go together pretty fast, and …

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Praline Shortbread Bars

  F Print Praline Shortbread Bars 51 Prep Time: 5 minutesCook Time: 35 minutesTotal Time: 40 minutes Yield: 12 large barsCarbs: Carbs: 34.4Calories per serving: 374Fat per serving: 27.3 Sweet and crumbly shortbread bars with a gooey pecan filling and a sweet praline topping.IngredientsBase 1/2 cup unsalted butter, room temperature 1/3 cup sugar 1 egg …

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