Tazo: Rest Tea Review

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Tazo Teas have been a favorite of mine for a couple of years now. I often find myself walking down the coffe/tea aisle at the store to see if they have anything new from Tazo. So far I have not found myself disappointed.  The packaging has an elegantly simplistic style that draws the eye.  Their teas are always full of flavor, and sometimes one cup is simply not enough.

Tazo Rest:
“A lulling blend of rose petals, valerian root & citrusy herbs.”

Tazo Rest is a caffeine free coffee. (Yeah I know it kind of contradicts the name of this blog, but just try and go with it.) I have found myself restless many nights. I often attempt to remedy this with a nice cup of chamomille or perhaps a glass of wine. However, turning to wine really doesn’t appeal to me too much and sometimes chamomille really just doesn’t cut it for me. So when I came across Tazo Rest I will say I got a little excited. In fact I tried it that very night.
This tea is a perfect night cap. Especially for those days that are really busy and high strung with lots of stress on the side. The rose gives it a very floral, rosy scent and flavor, which I find calming. The valerian root has many medicinal properties and is often used to calm the nerves, and it can work as a muscle relaxer as well. The flavors of the “citrusy herbs” add a nice depth and many of the other herbs in this tea hold relaxing, calming and well-being properties.
Enjoying a cup of this tea before bed gave me a night of solid, relaxing sleep.

If you are looking for something to calm your mind after a long day, this is great tea with surprising results.


Image: ©Erynne Nicole Photography ErynneNicole.com

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