Mad Bean Coffee Review

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A few weeks ago I was bantering back and forth with Greg, mad scientist and creator at large of Mad Bean Coffee Roasters. The subject? Fruitcake (and I owe him one, and haven’t forgotten!). As we were talking he mentioned I needed to have some of his coffee to serve with my fruitcake. I never ever turn down coffee…and so a few days ago some freshly roasted Sumatra Mandheling Harimau Tiger beans were delivered to my door.


The beans were shiny with oil, dark and had a deep smoky aroma. There were hints of dark cherry, allspice, blackberry, and leather in the perfume but it was not overpowering. Very pleasant.

I coarse ground the coffee and pressed it, leaving it a little stronger than recommended because I do like a coffee that stands up and tips its hat to ya.

The brew was dark and rich looking with a nice crema in the cup. The aroma intensified as it steeped but the characteristics stayed the same.

In the mouth the coffee was smooth and rich with a clean flavor. Most apparent was the first flavor of dried smoked blackberries, followed by deep and exotic allspice. The finish was velvety smooth without a bit of bite and a slight aftertaste of dark cherry.

It handled my heavy cream + stevia adulteration very well with the flavors coming through, albeit a creamier form.

This is a great coffee anytime but would be a superb after dinner coffee with chocolate. Try some yourself at Mad Bean Coffee Roasters.


No money changed hands. The product was provided for review free of charge. Anything stated on this blog is purely opinion of the blogger and should not be misconstrued as promotion of this product. If I wanted to force you to buy it I would send Guido and his flying monkeys.

image: (c) marye audet

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