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If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook you will remember that a couple of weeks ago we took a whirlwind (36 hours total from Dallas to Smithville and back) trip to Missouri. Now, y’all will have to understand that the last time I was in Missouri I was in boot camp at Fort Leonard Wood so my memories of the state were not all that pleasant. However, this time was completely different and I have decided that I like Western Missouri a lot better than… well, you know.

While we were there we took a tour of a small, family owned winery. How could I resist? You know how I feel about local, artisan, family owned… yeah.

Ladoga Ridge Winery is located in Smithville. I couldn’t tell you exactly where that is except that it’s quite close to Kansas City. It’s a cute little town with lots of rolling hills and big trees, beautiful gardens, and gorgeous views. The winery is on a hill so that when you look around you have quite a view. After the craziness of my life it was a breath of fresh air, absolutely relaxing.

You can go in the winery and taste each of the wines for the very reasonable price of $5. You also get to take home a logo glass to remember the day with — it’s a nice touch. The owners are very nice, friendly, and knowledgeable — ready to answer questions and talk about the wine, how it’s made, why they named the varieties the way they did.

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Of course, we went for the whole tasting. It was a stretch for both Marc and I because he had driven all night and was exhausted and I had stayed awake all night to make sure he did and I was exhausted! I knew it wasn’t going to take much to knock me out.

Ladoga Ridge Wines

[pullquote]100 E. Pope Lane,

Smithville MO 64089.



Mon-Tues: closed

Wed-Fri: 11 am – 6pm

Sat: 11 am- 8 pm

Sun: Noon – 5 pm[/pullquote]

Sully’s White – This white wine was very cidery, crisp and sweet. It reminded me a lot of a French Riesling.

Traminette – Traminette was drier than the previous wine, with a crisp apple and herb flavor.

B cause – This wine was created to further the cause of breast cancer awareness. It is a sweet, crisp rose with a floral berry flavor.

Toad-A-Lope Red – A red wine after my own heart. If I never drank another wine but this one I could be happy. It is sweet with the pronounced flavor of muscadine and concord grape. Very round and fruity.

Norton – A complex, dry red that is aged in oak for 18 months. The only note I wrote on this one was “Edye!” because it was exactly the type of wine a close friend loves. I brought her home some and when she took a sip her eyes lit up and she said, “You nailed it!” They can call it what they want but from now on this will be known as Edye wine at my house.

Peach – Imagine a ripe, warm summer peach; the scent, the flavor, the juice dripping down your chin. Add a little tingle of alcohol and that is what this wine tastes like. I adore it.

Strawberry Rhubarb – Sigh. Yum. I have a hard time not sucking this down like Kool-aid. Tangy rhubarb, sweet strawberry – happy perfection if you like sweet, fruity wines. I do.

Blackberry – Are you catching on to the pattern here? The blackberry wine tasted like perfectly fresh, sun warmed blackberries. Very sweet – would be amazing with a white chocolate dessert.

Chococherry Kiss – This is more like a cordial. It is very sweet, definitely a dessert wine but you can easily catch the cherry and chocolate flavors.

If you live anywhere near Smithville, Missouri or will be driving in that direction please do yourself a favor and set some time aside to visit the winery and get the full tasting. You won’t be sorry — not one bit.

They have a website and a Facebook page if you want to “look around”. They do ship to many states but sadly, Texas isn’t one of them. :::weeps:::

So, if any of y’all in Missouri want to send me a Christmas Present… every single month… just sayin…

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