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365 Day Photo Challenge – Days 7 and 8 – Warmth

I ran amok getting these images up on time. This weekend I am at FoodBlogSouth in Homewood, AL and it was crazy trying to get ready to go. I am sitting the the hotel room working in front of a huge window and very gray skies.

Here is “Warmth” day 7.  Marc brings me roses every week or every time they get to looking shabby. I love all colors of roses and he surprises me every week with a different color… red, crimson, burgundy, pink…

This is a shot of one of the roses that opened up just beautifully. The color is warm, but more than that it makes me feel warm and loved when I see the picture.



This next picture is a little weird. I was trying to decide what to shoot and inadvertently pointed the camera at the kitchen door just as the sun broke through the clouds. This is primal warmth – in it’s very purest state. Warmth day 8

warmthIf you want to be a part of it you can see all the information on Erynne Nicole‘s blog.


  1. restlesschipotle.com

    Cool isn’t it? I got about 4 shots like that but all a little different too

  2. Erynne Nicole

    I love both of those but I LOOOOVE the second one.

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