365 Day Photo Challenge Day 5 Again- Warmth

Oddly I see that I have miscategorized yesterday’s image as being Day 5 when in fact today is Day 5. So… that makes this the Day 5 Redux, Day 5 Deja-Vu, or Day 4. Take your pick.

yorkie sleeping


This is Tiny. She is one of the two Yorkies that came to live with me when Marc did. I have a love – hate relationship with them. I used to be VP for the local humane society. I used to rescue dogs. I used to train them.

Then I had 8  kids.

I love animals but I know when I am not in a place to take care of them or handle them emotionally. I have been in that place for at least ten years and during that time I have gained four dogs and two cats.

Anyway. Back to Tiny. She is a bundle of energy and definitely Queen B in a literal sense. She beats up on our pitbull mix (who is named Cuddles) regularly. They play their own version of King of the Dog Bed. Once she has expended her seemingly unending energy she waits for me to vacate my chair by the fireplace. This is how I found her. No, I didn’t move her – I just sat down and used her as warm back support.

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