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What Do Tillamook Cheese, Texas Monthly, and Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Have in Common?

tillamook cheese pr party

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I’ll tell ya. They all have my eternal gratitude.

Lately I have somehow ingratiated myself to the powers that be and have snagged more invites to awesome events than I have since I was 18 or so. I am feelin’ the love folks and I like it. Last night Marc and I attended a beer and cheese pairing party that was hosted by Tillamook, Texas Monthly, and Deep Ellum Brewing Company – a local craft beer brewery. The concept was pairing a variety of cheeses and cheese based appetizers with a variety of craft beer.

I plan on discussing the Brewery on Texas Well Seasoned because, well Restless Chipotle was never meant to focus on a local crowd – and let’s face it. You would hear all about this amazing beer, and then you would want to move to Dallas and then it would get over crowded. Once that happened the jobs would be gone and …well… I just think it’s best you don’t hear about our way cool local stuff, ‘k?

Anyway. Tillamook is a company that I have a lot of respect for – and you know that is pretty difficult to get. I have used their products for awhile now and I like the quality. Last night I learned WHY the quality is so awesome.

  • They have been making cheese for 103 years.
  • They are farmer owned.
  • They are all natural and concerned about the same things I am – GMOs, chemicals, and those other nasties that so many foods are crawling with these days.

Did I mention delicious?

See? All good reasons to find their way to my Marye Recommends list.



I learned about how they make this cheese in comparatively small blocks so that the quality is consistent throughout. I watched them plug the cheese block – take a long sample out of  the block to check that the quality was high all the way through. I learned that they decide on how long to age the cheese by how it tastes after 60 days – the really good stuff is allowed to continue to age. If it doesn’t have the right combination of flavors needed for aged cheese it is sold at that point. What if the cheese is just not the quality they are looking for? They sell it to the corporations that make the cheese you are buying in your grocery store.

That’s comforting, isn’t it?

On to the festivities. It was a fabulous evening in Dallas – not too warm and not too cold. There were several serving tables set up with appetizers and the beer that they were pairing with the various appetizers. This beer “tasting” wasn’t the little ounce sized cups that you might find at other tastings. Nope. These were big glasses  and they were quite generous with the brew.

My favorite was a Double Brown Stout that was paired with a date stuffed with sharp cheddar and wrapped in bacon. OMG. I probably had a hundred and ten of them. And some of the date appetizers, too.

Which reminds me. For those of you who came to the beer and cheese pairing with me vitrually on Twitter – I am so grateful to know such sweet people. Several of you from the area offered to give me rides if I sipped a little too much. I was just bowled over by the offers. I don’t usually drive to anything because my husband, Marc White,  accompanies me to almost everything. He is my designated driver at events so even if I did get a little buzzed I am well cared for. Thank you so much for your love and concern! Last night I was not at all tipsy – I was wearing 6 inch heels and I wouldn’t have been able to walk had I drank too much. Plus – this might surprise you but I am really not much of a drinker usually but when I do drink I seem to be able to metabolize it fast enough to keep me sober. :)

Anyway. After meeting the representatives of the company and talking with them I was even more impressed with their product and their impeccable social skills.

As Marc and I were leaving we saw the swag table with blocks of cheese …and… coupons! An entire stack of those babies. I glanced around, furtively of course and since we were alone I snagged a handful of them to give away… to you. These aren’t just any coupons. They are good for 2 lbs of that awesome Tillamook cheese for FREE. Plus they are good until December 31, 2013. Here’s the thing –  you won’t get just one coupon. You are going to get three. Six pounds of free cheese.


Here’s the other thing. FIVE of you are going to get these coupons.

Love me? Of course you do.

So, how do you get these? You know the drill if you have been hanging out with us here at Restless Chipotle very long.

You get one entry for each comment and you can get up to 5 entries by doing the following and coming back and leaving a comment that let’s me know what you did.

  • You get one entry for leaving a comment on this post
  • You get one entry for liking the Tillamook facebook page
  • You get one entry for following me on twitter @MaryeAudet
  • You get one entry for following Tillamook on twitter @TillamookCheese
  • You get one entry for tweeting and linking to the giveaway
Let’s start the giveaway tonight and close the comments on Novemeber 12 at 5 pm CST.   I’ll announce the winner here, on RestlessChipotle Facebook page , and on Twitter sometime Tuesday afternoon. Just, whatever you do, don’t tell those nice folks at Tillamook Cheese that I was the one that swiped all of those coupons, ‘k?
One more thing. Check with your local stores or on the Tillamook site  and make sure that it is available in your area. It’d be sad if you won and couldn’t use them.
You are gonna love this stuff.
Have I ever lied to you?
Disclaimer: I was invited to the Beer and Cheese Pairing. The cheese and coupons were provided to me for free but the companies involved did not even know i was going to blog it, nor were they aware of this giveaway. All opinions are my own.


This giveaway is listed on Online-Sweepstakes.com

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  1. Elle

    What a fun event! I love the idea of cheeses with beer. And the date app? Sounds fabulous! Thanks for the chance to win. Cheeeeese.

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  5. Tim h

    Beer and cheese are n awesome combo. Especially with a big salty pretzel.

  6. Kyl Neusch

    tasty cheese!

  7. Heather S

    We love cheese

  8. Heather S

    like tillamook on fb heather s

  9. ky2here

    Separation of cheese and beer is prohibited by the 18th amendment to the constitution of the United States (Ok, that’s prohibition but you get the idea).

    ky2here at msn dot com

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  14. Renee G

    We love Tillamook products.

  15. Erica Barnes

    I love cheese!

  16. Jennifer

    This looks yummy!

  17. Kayte CookWatts

    I love Tillamook! Extra sharp baby!

  18. Wendy

    My family loves cheese!

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  20. Jessie C.

    I’d like to try Monterey Jack

  21. Jessie C.

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  22. Elena

    I love cheese. Thank you for the giveaway!

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    I love Tillamook products! Thanks!

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    I like Tillamook on Facebook as Renee Walters! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!

  33. debbie

    I would love to try this cheese.

  34. Cynthia C

    It’s also delicious with fresh cut apples. Love it!

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  36. linda lansford

    liking the Tillamook facebook page

  37. Diane F

    We love cheese at our house!!

  38. Paige wasserman

    A day without cheese is like a day without sunshine.

  39. Sarah S

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I love the variety and quality of their cheeses

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    I love cheese! I’ve never had the Tillamook brand, but I checked and it’s available at a store near my house.

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    Sounds wonderful :)

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  53. Deb C

    I love Tillamook Cheese. So far, the only place I can find it locally is Whole Foods.

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  56. jen gersch

    I have never tried this I would love it

  57. Jennifer Reed

    We are cheese lovers in our house but have never tried Tillamook. Thanks for the chance.

  58. Anna

    I always see Tilamook in the grocery store and it looks so appetizing! Would love the chance to try some.

  59. Stephanie Larison

    Awesome giveaway! My whole family loves cheese.

  60. Stephanie Larison

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    Anyway, liked on facebook also!

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    Cheese and beer are two of my favorite foodstuffs.

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    I use this brand often. They have great varieties & the taste is delicious :)

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    How fun, we love their cheese, must have been some night. Thanks for hosting a giveaway.

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    My mom loves cheese! livinglearningeating AT gmail DOT com

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    We LOVE this cheese! I do think it is the best. Sure would go a long way for the grocery bill and I could share with my kids. Thanks!

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    I love cheese. I make a tasty cheese& beer fondue.

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    I’ve never tried that cheese, but I would love to!

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    Looks yummy! I’ve never tried it before!

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    I have never tried Tillamook Cheese but would love to! Thank you for the amazing giveaway!
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  128. tanya

    I looove Tillamook cheese – we go through a lot of cheese here in the north country and I like pairing with new things (beer!) too to make it interesting

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    Thanks for the contest.

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  171. Giveaway is now closed to comments… None after this will be counted. :) Good LUCK!

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