Disney Princess Birthday or Tea Party: Tea Sandwiches

So, when my oldest daughter turned 30 we decided to give her a party. My son in law and I were joking around and one of us said something about Disney princesses…and all of a sudden it was so. It just seemed perfect. If you knew Erin you would understand why.

erin audet myers


She IS pretty special…and not in a bless her heart sort of way.

Tea party foods aren’t so much difficult as they are fussy. The fancier and prettier they are the more tea-like they are. You can literally do peanut butter and jelly on white bread, cut it small and make it fancy and you will have an automatic tea party.


I made ham and smoked Gouda finger sandwiches using a dark rye bread. Had I left them whole or merely cut them on the diagonal they would have been lunch but since I cut them in small rectangles and wrapped a fancy ribbon around them? The sandwiches were delicate and very, very princess worthy.

Look in the scrapbooking sections of your favorite hobby and craft store for cute ribbon and coordinating stickers. Cut your sandwiches in the shape that you desire and wrap with the ribbon. Overlap it on the top and secure with a sticker.


For the best results use a variety of breads and fillings. Some excellent combinations are:

  • Chicken salad on white bread
  • Ham, smoked cheese, dijon mustard on rye
  • Sauteed apples on cinnamon bread
  • Cream cheese, pecans, and green olives on wheat bread
  • Turkey, cranberry sauce, and caramelized onions Boston brown bread.

I found some awesome sandwich ideas as well –

Just remember the cardinal rule of tea sandwiches ‘Thou shalt always make thy sandwiches cute and delicate” and you will do just fine.

© 2012 Marye Audet

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