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Saturday Surfing

Did you ever have one of those days? Well… I started this post on Saturday morning. Life happened. I get that.

I worked on it a little yesterday and then I finished it up this morning. So… it’s a little late, no big, right?


When I went to do something I lost all of the post except the original three links I added on Saturday morning. It was one of those what the heck moments that help you to know that it is Monday and there are several more days to go before it is Friday again. If you work for yourself then it really doesn’t matter how many days it is until Friday because you probably work all weekend, too. Am I right?

SOOOO that is my gripe for today. Thanks for listening.

This week we had our first snow of the winter. It was actually pretty decent, comparatively speaking. I mean, you can’t compare it to Colorado but you could probably compare it to South Florida. It was deep enough for the kids to play in it and lasted just long enough to create a mudslide on my kitchen floor.


I, of course, spent the day with a glass of merlot next to the fire because that is just how I roll. I have a “real” fireplace in the dining area, a gas fireplace in the reception parlor (I figure that a 15 x 20 foot area is too big to be called an entryway) and a hologram fireplace in my bedroom. I really want woodburning in the den… and a soapstone stove in the sunroom.. but there ya go. There is always something you’d like to do in an old house.

Artist’s Palette Cookies and Brushes hold a special place in my artist-heart. I heart these cookies.

Tired of winter? This fresh salsa sounds like summer to me.

One of my favorite combinations in a snickerdoodle! Orange Clove Snickerdoodles.


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  1. Regina


    1. thanks Regina… :)

  2. Cori G.

    Oh Marye, I love this new site and your little caption, Channeling your inner tart…THAT IS CLEVER!!!!!!!!

    xoxo cori

    1. Thanks Cori! It isn’t as Victorian sweet as your site but it’ll do.

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