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Meet Restless Chipotle Reader Missy M.

I know how cool the readers of Restless Chipotle are but I realized that many of you may not! So, once a week I am hoping to introduce a reader so you can get to know them, and their blog if they have one. If you are a fan on the Restless Chipotle Facebook Page you may well be next!


Getting to Know Missy

RC: How long have you been reading Restless Chipotle/Baking Delights?

Missy: I’ve been reading almost two years???

RC: What are your favorite recipes from Restless Chipotle?

Missy: My favorite RC recipes are “Light, Whole Grain Pancakes“, Brisket, Creamy Coq au Vin, and Spicy Citrus Chicken (30 minute meals). There are others, but these the recipes that I remember today.

RC:  What is your favorite ingredient?

Missy: Isn’t that like asking which of my children I like best? ;-D Onion. I can’t cook without onions in the house. (I like sea salt and fresh cracked pepper, too.)

RC: What is your cooking experience?

Missy: My cooking experience is not at all special. My mother worked and I enjoyed cooking, so, she let me loose in the kitchen when I was still in elementary school. I love to pull myself up to the table with older wiser women and just ask them questions and allow myself to be taught. THIS has served me well.

I do not own a Kitchen Aid. I can’t afford one, so I bake bread and mix muffins and roll noodles all by hand. I like the challenge. I do not have a food processor either, because I can’t stand to wash all the pieces. I use a chef’s knife and have taught my children how to wield it as well.

RC: What is your food philosophy?

Missy: My philosophy of food has grown this year. I feel like my eyes are wider. The more I learn about food and industry, the more I want to know. I believe that food should be as close to how God made it as possible. I like the whole food. I like to Learn from our past. I am reluctant to believe that newer is better. Not all of the old ways are bad.

One important idea I see repeated in how food was prepared in the past was that everything served a purpose and there was little waste. I apply this where I can. One chicken equals two meals and the carcase is saved and cooked into a stock becoming a third meal.
This is impossible if I buy precut, boneless, skinless chicken. I get a package that will make one meal.

I buy organic when I can and where it isn’t obscenely more costly. I used to think that eating organic, fresh and local would be too expensive. But, from the moment my husband and I decided it was a worthwhile pursuit, I’ve found that eating well doesn’t break the bank. I hear friend who are using coupons and spending $5 and saving $80 and I think, “At what expense?”

We have a local Organic Co-op, and a local produce market (I believe in supporting local economy too). I have a friend who has free range beef…But, I do not own a deep freeze; that’s my next purchase I think. My monthly produce expense has tripled, but, my other groceries and meats have been at least halved. Organic doesn’t have to mean expensive. Here in the Orlando, Organic cream costs as little as the store brand.

I like the last line of “Food Inc”. We definitely vote with our wallets at the grocery store.

Oh and one more thing. I love to try new ingredients. My husband supports me and encourages this too. When asked “What do you want for dinner?” He always replies, “Something New”

RC: What do you like best about Restless Chipotle?

Missy: I love reading Restless Chipotle because you share my ideas about food and use ingredients that are in season….Just seeing the pictures will often inspire me to make something new that night.


Thanks Missy! Missy doesn’t have a blog but you can often see her comments on Restless Chipotle! I appreciate all my readers. :)

image: Karen’s Whimsey

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